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Rope tricep pulldowns – Lifting for MAX weight? Yay or nay? ——————…


Rope tricep pulldowns

@wendyfortino – 💪Lifting for MAX weight? Yay or nay?💪 —————————————————–
I never put much thought into thinking about what the most commonly asked questions that I get in the gym are… Until just the other day. I was stopped twice and asked, “What is your max bench?” I am often in a hurry when people approach me, but NEVER rude. I imagine myself in their shoes, and realize that had I not chosen this career path, I would be equally intrigued by someone who clearly had chosen fitness as a career path.

My response:
“I actually don’t know what my max is for any exercise to be honest. When you think about what it takes to lift the greatest amount of weight you are capable of, it is hard to imagine what exactly is being targeted there. Competing in a Powerlifting contest requires a person to train in that way; however, if we truly want to create something with our bodies, we have to focus our workload into the specific areas we want to develop. To focus, we can’t push, lift, or pull the maximum weight possible. We need a weight that is heavy enough to challenge us, but light enough for us to effectively train.” With that said, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to train in the gym. It doesn’t even make sense to knock a training style if it is working for someone, and/or they are connected to a style emotionally (aka: it keeps them motivated). My training style currently is very focused on the gym floor, and “balls to the wall” for my cardio to keep up a high level of fitness and burn plenty of calories. This is not superior to another style that may work for someone else; nor does it need to be defended. As coach_matt_allen like to say, “success requires no explanation”. Stay FOCUSED, train HARD… And let SUCCESS be your NOISE👊👊👊 winningeveryday successrequiresobsession risingphoenix



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